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L.I. bizman shot

Fights for life after attack outside house


A Long Island businessman was fighting for his life last night after a gunman shot him in the face outside his Roslyn Heights home in what may have been a bungled robbery, police said.
Doctors at North Shore University Hospital said Jack Singh, 52, was in critical condition.

The single bullet fired by his attacker hit him near the nose, passed through his head and lodged in the back of his neck, they said.

Police said Singh; his wife, Sherry, and his daughters, Anyssia, 10, and Angelina, 10 months, were in their home on Powerhouse Road about 8:45 p.m. on Monday, when Anyssia told her dad, "I think I heard something in the garage."

Singh went out with a cup of tea in his hand and ran into a man with a gun standing between two cars outside the garage adjoining the house, cops said.

The assailant, described as in his mid-20s to 30s and in dark clothing, dropped Singh with one shot, then pointed the gun at Singh's wife, who was close behind him.

But he fled without shooting again when the wife began screaming for help.

Residents of the close-knit, upscale neighborhood wondered whether the shooting had something to do with Singh's furniture delivery business or was a thwarted home invasion.

Although the case looks like one of nearly four dozen home invasions in Nassau and Suffolk in the last couple of years cops said they have no solid motive yet.

Family friend Bert Taveras described Singh as "a hard worker and a real family man."

"What happened to him has just devastated this community," Taveras added. "We're just hoping if anyone saw anything they say something to the police."

He said Singh's wife was "very distraught right now, but she wants people to pray for her husband.

"That's what he needs now."

Originally published on June 28, 2006


Yeah.....why would anyone feel the need to have a gun for protection.

This State disgusts me. New York insists that gun ownership isn't neccessary....the Police do a fine job of protecting us.

GOD I want out.

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Living in an unarmed victim state is dangerous to your health.
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