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New .40cal ammo

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Just received my new catalog from CTD and they are advertising .40cal Federal ammo 135gr and 155gr. Anyone here have any comments on performance? Likes dislikes? I usually carry 165gr rem in my smith.

thanks Al
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I've seen the 155g before. You probably wont be able to tell the difference from the 165g. As for the 135g, thats new to me.
Thanks Freedz
I personally don't like the 135gr Federal Hydra Shok is to light for my taste. I shot quite a bit 4-5 years ago when I got my first .40, and while nice and mild, I found I liked the heavier/slower rounds better, and still prefer them today.

Good luck
Go with Ranger T or Federal HST (not hydrashok) if you want the best you can get. They are harder to come by and are available to civilians on the web.
IMHO 165gr is about optimum in a .40 , anything lighter is like
shooting a 9mm.

I prefer the 180 gr loads myself.
imho place your shots com , let the felon tell you what he was shot with . If it was anemic he will complain lol .

The 135gr is a "medium velocity" load. It's for some or other LEO contract, so if CTD has it, probably an over-run. Everyone has a different opinion, especially when it comes to .40. I'd pick the 155gr of the two.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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