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New .45

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Welp...I've been a .40 guy since back around 1993-94...I finally broke down and snapped up a .45..Been wanting one for awhile...needed to add to my Glock collection.'s not a 1911...

No you can't shoot it...

And hell yes thats a BIG bullet!

Glock 30 .45 ACP 10+1
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Congrats on your new non~1911 synthetic .45 :wink: GLOCK...Boy...they sure are ugly as sin aren't they?
But, they sure can spit bullets with a never-ending passion.
Mine is so doggone reliable that it's boring.
I even quit waiting for my first FTF to happen.

Where was it that I read that it takes only 9 minutes to crank out a GLOCK frame but, nearly 6 hours of machine time to fabricate the slide?
Shoot yours in good health and stay safe!
Nice !! Let us know how the recoil is on that shorty.
Don't own one and never will !! BUT------- They shoot and shoot and shoot. Toward the last of my career in the USN was working as a armoror and rangemaster at a NAS. The USN was testing Glocks at Crane Ind. The Glock rep.had 20 G17's on a long table. We were shown how to disassemble them. The rep.walked down the line with a big cardboard box and he asked us to throw all the parts in the box. He then shook up the box(quite violently). He threw all the parts out on a big table and showed us how to reassemble the weapons. We did---- and they all went together and they all shot.Try doing this(at that time)with 20 1911's. The Glock's are sturdy,well made weapons that you(not me) can surely bet your life on. I have several friends,teammates,shootin' buddies,hunting buddies, that own Glocks and they(not me) all love them. One has killed several hogs that weighted 200lbs with his Glock(in 10mm). Before you say it --- I know----opinions are like AH's---everybody's got one and they all stink.
which model Glock did you say you had?

Doubt I'll have one either but guy at club has - awesome capacity and they do seem to shoot darned well (for plastic) :biggrin: J/K !!!
GREAT lookin Piece!! I'm sure you'll be happy with it !!
Prospector said:
Nice !! Let us know how the recoil is on that shorty.
The recoil on the Glock 30 is much different than a 1911 but is not bad at all. I liked mine but, of course, I sold it anyway. I must love them before I won't leave them.... :biggrin:
Congrats hopefully youll have better luck with your mini glock than i have had with my 36
What trouble did you have with the 36 Bud? It's one of the two Glock designs that interests me.
Cant hit Crap with it and jamming ... so it will be traded in soon .. was running 3 45's with same ammo same day and no prob's with them ... also had my glock 17 when i couldnt hit anything with 36 switched to it right away and grouped excellently...

At 7 yards my pattern from 36 looked like buckshot
Ill be out with it again this next Tuesday...Ive got alot more WWB 230 gr FMJ to run thru here...and I got a few boxes of Speer 200 +p Gold Dots to test out for carry ammo.

As far as I can tell with recoil..its mild...but I shoot Glock .40's like they are BB guns! So recoil is very subjective...and it still needs to be broke in. Ill send about 400 more rounds downrange Tuesday...Ill report back. And as for's beauty is within boys..bang, bang, bang...repeat..etc, etc, etc...
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