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New 460 Smith

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Just when i was thinking of ordering a 6.5 performance lew horton edition 500 since they didnt make a 460 i like they come out with this ...

What to do what to do

The 500 is out of stock lew horton says they will make some later this year maybe and the 460 5" isnt out yet ... this sucks

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Sorry i didn't really zoom it in.. Ill zoom in the info

ok guess i wont zoom it in cant get it readable
Man you a expensive guy Euc.. i had talked my self out of the 460 but that 5" hum

Since smith didnt put out the 6" 500 or 460 i wanted thats why i was looking at only the 6.5 500 but now i see the 460 5" i know ill end up with one
naw i was hoping one or the other ... course if lew horton doesn't have smith make the 6.5 again i guess it will be a moot point
you need one they are making it again this year
That's a cool 460. I'd like to have one too.


This is the 500 PC Lew Horton .. Got a email into them to see if there going to make a run this year
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Wait for the 460 Bud - you'll be glad you did.

I want one badly tho whether I can afford is another matter! Of course, I don't ''need'' it LOL!
ohh you need one chris .. ill probley get both if the 500 is made again
Since i cant get a500 6.5 should i go for the 500 7.5 or wait???

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Only reason I'd still think to wait Bud - is, you have the shortie already. So make 460 priority perhaps.
yeah but the 500's are sort of out now... no release date on the 460 is just in the catalog
the 460v is the way to go.
awesome. perfect versatility.
Euclidean said:
Well then it's revenge. You've given me an itch for a 625.
<perk> did I hear you say "625"..............a snubbie is in the a coupls 6 inchers too...........also a REAL NICE OLDER (early to mid 70s) model 25 6 1/2 inch blue......... the "3 Ts" action job...(set up for Compitition/target/PPC stuff).....AND about a dozen stainless polished FULL MOON Clips.......galcano Alves grips.........original deep blue/black Smith finsh........:biggrin2: Personally.......I'd go for the Blued 25........about 475.00 i believe......and YES........I'm being "evil" my Customers tell me.......:biggrin2: :haha:

96359 SMITH & WESSON 625-3 HANDGUN: REVOLV 45 ACP $450.00 5in.,STS 95%


94985 SMITH & WESSON 625-10 HANDGUN: REVOLV 45 ACP $750.00 MOON CLIPS,2in.,BOX\CASE - ANIB 99%

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get both .. lol

Looks like i might not get my 6.5 lew horton as they say now they aren't going to have another run i prefer it over the 7.5 but might have to get 7.5

Well soon as you get your m1 then ya need a 625JM
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