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My Girlfriend found a 870 for sale. We went and picked it up today. $250 12 ga. 1 26" vent rib , multi choke barrel, 1 20" iron sight slug barrel. Almost new condition. A few blems on the reciever and some stock scratches.
we removed the stock forend and installed a poly w/ pistol grip. then added the laser/light too. On to the scope mount and EOtech. We just need to add the tele- AR type rear stock and heat shield.
I tell ya, the twinkle in her eye and the big smile on her face reminded me why I enjoy being witht his girl so much. Guess she reminds me of myself.
Will post pics when we are finshed building it. :biggrin2:

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Sounds a very OK deal Rocky - with the two barrels. Indeed - pics later will be good :smile:

I love my 870.
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