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So for christmas, me and the old man decided we'd make a few new additions to the fam.

First purchase was a Mossberg 590 9 shot with bead sights.(mad i couldn't find a ghost ring sight model or speed feed stock seems everyone's out around here). I used to have one but ran into some financial problems a while back and had to get rid of a few firearms. So im very glad to have this one back.

Purchased a Stoeger Double defender coach gun with extractor's, and couldn't be happier with the little SXS 12 gauge.

Ruger LCP with crimson trace grips...needless to say this is a pure defensive gun(not even remotely fun to shoot,especially with the cost of .380 ammo). I'm so horribly inaccurate with it at 7 yards even with the crimson trace, but this is probably due to the fact it feels so f****** uncomfortable in my hands its a PITA just to shoot.

Springfield XD Subcompact 9 with the XML and night sights. I absolutely love this pistol (just as much as my .45 xd compact) Great accuracy, reliable, not one hiccup yet.

Next on the list. Bushmaster ACR, Bushmaster BA50, sig 556/516, Ruger 556, and last but not least, a mossberg 930 spx 8 shot with ghost sights.
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