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New Baby at Home

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I got my 12 GA Mossberg 500 Persuader today. "Evil" black, 8 shoot mag, "Plain Jane", 20" barrel, with nothing extra to speak of. Didn't shoot it yet. Chose it for dependability & reputation for same, price point, and size. Just wanted an evil black 12 GA. :image035:

Here's a pick of one - although mine doesn't have the "tactical" heat shield. LOL.

This one doesn't cry at night either! Sorry for the lousy pic.
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All Blk Mossy Shotty ~ Better Paint It A Different Color

You know how evil & wicked looking it is if it's all black.
Better at least paint some stripes on it.:yup:

Seriously...Congrats! Great Shotty.
nice selection... I have an older 500a cruiser with pistol grip and heat shield... looking to convert to a speedfeed "tactical" (pistol and buttstock) stock so the wife can shoot it without hurting herself.

When I checked it at the PD durring college, they measured it just about every time a new officer checked it in. It's legal length... just looks real intimidating.
It looks positively E-V-I-L.....I like it!

nice, should be a nice lifelong companion.
Hey, get a bag full of good slugs and buck, the bad guys won't know the difference.

Especially during a riot. Bottom line, if it works every time you pull the trigger, it doesn't matter if it's a mossy, remington, or an HK Super 90.
Shotguns,,,,I like em!!
Nice gun enjoy it mossys are real nice for the price. I used to have one but for its purpose I got a 1300 winchester very nice and affordable.

Nice! I have the Mossberg 590 .12 gauge, excellent choice! Can't beat a .12 gauge pump!
Very nice. Reminds me of the ones LEO's used to have sitting in their units between the driver and front passenger years ago!!. Definitely made a statement!!
Now all you gotta do is insert a few rounds of Dragons Breath in that stock for emergencies.:image035:
Bought the food for the new baby yesterday. Here's the conversation with an, ahh..."interesting" customer looking for shells too. My wife was with me.

Scene: Gander Mountain

Customer (long tangled hair, edgy looking, smelly, muttering to self, edges down isle, inspecting almost every box of shells)(yes, Wife and I were Con Orange with this fella)...

"Whatcha huntin' for?"

3" "00 Buck" (try ignoring him)

"Oh? What for?"

"Coyotes" (try ignoring him)

"Ya call 'em in?"

"Yep" (try ignoring him)

"I use 4 or 5's - I skin 'em and sell the pelts" (do you ever take a bath?)

Ignore him...

"00 Buck?"

"They're at the edge of my range" (try ignoring him)

"Here they are"

"Thanks" Grab a bunch and skee-dadle fast

Wife and I pay. Walk to car. Smile at each other. Get in car. Close and lock, start, in gear.

"You were pretty quick with that "Coyote" deal..., honey"

"Yea - I'd thought about that..."

Wife; Deadpans it...."Should have told him Zombies".....

:spankme: :spankme: :spankme: :spankme: :spankme: :spankme: :spankme: :spankme: :spankme: :spankme:
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