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New belt purchase! (Carhartt Journeyman)

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So, I've read all of the reviews of gun specific belts, and I can appreciate the quality and workmanship that goes into making them. I just couldn't justify the price. I've been using a thin nylon web belt and though it isn't horrible, it worked ok for me. I stopped into a western/workwear shop the other day to find a nice thick leather belt and found a Carhartt Journeyman belt. It was $25, nice and thick, and 1.5" wide. Looks pretty good too. Just putting this out there for anyone looking for an "economical" alternative to a gun specific belt.
Obviously I don't know about the long-term durability of the belt, but it is Carhartt....I have a pair of 12 year old lined dungarees that I still wear regularly in the winter.
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I really like Carhart products and wear one of their coats every day....but I just purchased a 5.11 belt and it's what I've been lookin for for years....just great...a bit more expensive but worth the money to me.
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