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I heard an interview with the author, Clayton E. Cramer, on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio on 01/13/2019

You can listen to the interview, if you're interested, on the Gun Talk Radio podcast for that date.

Lock, Stock, and Barrel: The Origin's of American Gun Culture - This sounded like an excellent reference work, IMHO.

Here's a brief Amazon review, and it comports with things stated by the author, during his interview by Tom Gresham:

Lock, Stock, and Barrel is another examination of early American firearm ownership that compliments Cramer’s earlier Armed America, the thorough refutation of the discredited work of Michael Bellesiles. I would recommend this book over the former for those who are not history or Second Amendment nerds. Americans most certainly did own, build, carry, and use firearms in proliferation. The philosophy behind the development of our gun culture is not this work’s purpose, rather Cramer examines the cold hard facts. It is a work of primary research documents rather than explains our gun culture. There is a deep look at the often-forgotten and neglected sporting and defensive, instead of military, ownership and use of firearms in the pre-republic period. Unless one is interested in doing primary research themselves, I would recommend this to readers who want insight into what gun ownership and business was like in the period of the 17th through the early 18th centuries. The remainder of the book involves a general overview of Cramer’s firearms related research, including touching on the root of concealed weapons laws, racism, and debunking firearm violence misconceptions.

The book looks to be a bit hard to get, but it's surely on my list, and maybe on yours.

This posting is a bit off-topic for a defensive weapons use sub-forum but it seemed (to me) to belong with books. (Mods PLZ move if necessary.)
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