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New Carry Gun Glock :D

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I've been wanting to get a Glock for quite some time now but I'm not sure what mod. I want to go with a G19 or G23? What do you think? & it's for CCW. I've been leaning on the G23 but I've been hearing problems with the new Gen. 4's :confused:
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I'd get the Gen-3, Glock-19...:yup:
...if I were to get any Glock, it'd be an early model 19...great balance and easy to conceal...
Yea I like the Gen 3's over the 4's anyway but I like the fact that the .40cal has more stoping power ;) either way though it's going to be difficult to find a G19 or G23 for that matter in a Gen 3 D:
I have a 23 gen 3 for carry. It conceals really good (with the right holster) and is still big enough to pack a punch.
I prefer gen 4 for hand size and frame texture reasons.

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GEn 3 G19 or 23. .40 cal is more plentiful in most places...... I would keep that in mind
Hands down Gen 4, G19. I love mine.
Thanks for the opinion's everyone :) hmm now lets see here. :thinking:
I just bought a 23C, I love the 40 because you can convert it to 9 or Sig.
I probably won't conceal it much because it have a 27. Intend on using it for open carry and home defense. However it's small enough to conceal!

There's tons of 23's out there, even seen a couple Gen 4 's locally! But trying to find my C model was a royal pain! Thank God for gun broker!

I do plan on spending the money on a 40-9C conversation barrel for my 23C. Especially after buying 9 last week for my dad @ 16 bucks a box! Compared to $21 for 40 FMJ!

In God and Glock we Trust
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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