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New Carry Gun :)

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Well here she is but where do i get a IWb holster for it? Decided a 5 shot wouldnt be to bad and was confident in its stopping power.

Thats a Colt Cobra in the Pic with it

9mm,45acp and 500

9mm 147 Grain
45 ACP 230 Grain
38 SP 125 Grain
44 Magnum 240 Grain
454 Casull 250 Grain
500 Smith & Wesson Magnum 400 Grain

All i had handy and thought everyone would like to see the difference in size
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Congratulations Bud

You are the first person I actually know that owns the new S&W 500 Mag.
That is a truly massive and impressive handgun.
Dirty Harry & his pitiful .44 Mag now must take a "back seat" to Bud and his Behemoth 500 Hand Cannon!
The 500 next to the .45acp makes the .45acp look like a pygmy~dwarf cartridge.

What is the weight loaded of that big boomer?
Dont have the weight #s but let me tell ya empty its a heavy piece loaded with 5 400 grain rounds its pretty hefty cant weight to get some of the lead 700 grainers and load them up ill post pics when i do
I'm jeolous. Kind of hard to conceal my 500 unless you got a suitcase.
Wow, Bud, that's an impressive and good lookin' piece of hardware!
Bud - as a ''hand-cannon-major'' - I am jealous!!! Nice does not describe that ''behemoth'' LOL.

I look forward to further feedback - plus pics of blood drawn from hands LOL!
Thanks for the pics Bud, I like seeing side-by-side comparison.
It's truly BEAUTIFUL. Perfect for the Polar Bear in the Walmart Parking lot.

Can you shoot another caliber thru it like the 454 and the 45 Colt? Or (of course) the 357/38sp?

That's why I'm leaning to the 454 Ruger Alaskan.
BTW, if you supply them the gun, Blade-Tech will make your IWB HOLSTER and use your gun as the MOLD and you get your holster for FREE. They guarantee NOT to damage the gun in any way. Give 'em a holler.
corbon is making a 500 Sp right now short case and easy shooting just like a 38sp ..

If the 460 will come out in a 4 inch ill buy it then you can shoot 460 454 and 45 colt
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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