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For Immediate Release:

Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy Launches New Web Site

January 11, 2010 - Fredericksburg, Va. - The newly redesigned Web site for Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy goes live today on the World Wide Web. aims to extend the reach of all CCJA's training programs by serving a broad audience of Private Security, Military, Law Enforcement and members of the general public who are interested in Firearms and Tactical training. The new Web site features expanded content and streaming media including the SWAT Magazine TV promotional video which spotlighted the CCJA training staff in an upcoming episode. The redesign incorporates bold colors and graphics and completely new navigational tools.

"Our online visitors will now experience a more vibrant and seamless view of CJJA and its online resources in the same way that the creation of the academy united all of our programs in one physical location. The redesign of the CCJA web site creates a new home in cyberspace for the wide-ranging resources for the tactical training community,” says Tom Perroni, owner and training director. “Our students, alumni and cadre all agree it was time to update the web site.”

Content Deeper and More Accessible
The site is organized to provide quick and direct access to all of these resources for visitors. If a user is not sure exactly where to look for specific information on, the newly developed site-wide menu bar will help guide them.

Among the features on homepage, are Interactive training images providing information on the CCJA training experience. It can take visitors quickly to the course or training they're looking for, but also allow them to link up to a listing of additional information about course and subject matter by clicking on the hotlinks for full course descriptions. Along with a featured course section for NEW courses to be taught in 2010 there is an upcoming courses link for quick access to classes that are being taught in that month. We also have embedded the Maryland Shooter Forum “CCJA Industry Partner Section” so students can discuss training with our cadre of instructors as well as post course comments or critiques.

Design Team
The CCJA Web team, led by Beth and Allan McNabb, have been developing the new design over the past year, working with staff to better support the Academy's multifaceted mission. This new design was created specifically for our online audience for both general visitors and training professionals. Packed with training information and high-quality videos, the site will be constantly updated. The Web site will help make CCJA’s extensive resources more attractive and accessible to a global training audience.

Visit CCJA’s new Web site at:

Your thoughts and feedback are welcome!
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