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New CCW, pics, range review

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After a great deal of debate, I actually made a rather sudden decision in a totally different direction. I was at a gun show this weekend and picked this up:

As always, I did a good deal of research, and found that some people had great results out of the box, and some had problems out of the box, but in almost every case, Kahr made it better. I really wanted something very light and thin and I figured for $409 brand new, it was worth a try.

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones! I wrung it out today at the range and ended up shooting 210 rounds of mixed ammo (started out thinking I'd shoot 100 but I was having too much fun to stop!), without a single failure of any kind.
Here's what I shot:
50 rds. 115 Gr. FMJ WW white box
50 rds. 115 Gr. FMJ Remington UMC
50 rds. 115 Gr. FMJ Handloads (4.0 Red Dot)
35 rds. 115 Gr. FMJ Federal
25 rds. 124 Gold Dot +p (Georgia Arms)

I did notice that there is a bit more snappiness than my 9mm Glocks, but I expected that from a 17 oz. gun All rounds were fired off hand at 11 yds. Best groups seemed to be had with my hand load and with the +p Gold Dot load, with the other ammo grouping only slightly larger.

Here are two of the targets:

Hand load

Georgia Arms 124 Gr. Gold Dot +p

At the end of the day, I entered the range with some apprehension, and I left the range with a great sense of joy! I really like this gun, and I think it's going to be a great carry!
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