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New Chief in Town

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We have a new chief of police in our town.

Met him today and seems like a real nice guy.

Told him i carry a concealed weapon and he asked what I carry, so I told him Ruger p90. Dang he didn't know what it was.

He asked if it was a 9mm, and i said no it's a 45, and he said that was cool.

We chatted a while and I invited him to stop by and we can shoot out in the back yard some time and I would give him fresh veggies from the garden.

Also let him know if i ever saw him in any trouble that I would come to his aid.

He really liked that. Told him there were others in town that pack and would be willing to help if he ever needs it.

The good news is the biggest crime here in 2 years has been someone stole some cigarettes.

It's nice to live in a small town with only 1000 people.
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:smile: it must be nice ...
Welcome :smilez:

Yep - ''small town'' is good. Chief on our side is even better!
Always good to know local LEO.
Great...Your Chief appreciates having you as an upstanding citizen.
Sounds like he'll be a great Chief & he is fortunate to have residents such as yourself.
Small towns, gotta love 'em. I grew up in one, still one day want to move back to one. Sounds like the chief respects it. Good stuff.
Welcome, sounds like a nice place to live.
Small towns are the backbone of society. A place where everybody knows not only you, but your entire family.
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