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We're excited to introduce our new clip for the Protos-M!

When we set out to make the Protos-M single clip holster, we couldn't find a clip anywhere that fit our needs. We began working with another Utah company, TacWare, to design a custom clip to fit the Protos-M. We now have the final product in hand and are ready to ship!

What is it that makes this clip special though?

We did a lot of research from our own experience, past customers, and our network of alpha and beta testers to determine what we needed in this clip.

  • Tuckable - For a lot of the people we talked to, a tuckable holster is a must, it opens up many places that they simply could not carry in otherwise
  • Stable - Since the holster has just one clip, having a wider clip style offers you a much more stable platform
  • Adjustable - The adjustable angle on the single-clip Protos-M comes from the shape of the slots on the clip. This was not something we were going to give up

If you already own a single-clip Protos-M, we'll send you one of the new clips free of charge. If you order a single-clip Protos-M in the future, this will be the new standard clip that comes with it. You can check them out at our website at
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