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New deer gun

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Well, new to me. My father in-law bought me a Remington 7600 (pump action) in 270win. It's used, a little banged up but perfect for deer hunting down in Florida with him. Well, looking at it's filthy! I downloaded the manual for it and will break it down and clean it. The manual only tells you to clean the bore "alway clean the barrel from the muzzle to the chamber" (news to me!) and to remove the trigger plate assembly. It says nothing about cleaning around the bolt area. Does anyone know how to disassemble receiver so I can clean it? It looks like I can remove the fore-end screw kind of like the 870 and go from there. I'm not sure the barrel will come off in the same fasion though.
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It's a little more tricky to take apart than a 870 and harder to make sure you retighten it down the same for headspace ..

Pull the trigger group then clean bolt as best as possible use sprays etc etc then use a bore snake to clean the barrel so you can clean breech to muzzle
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