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Hello to all ! I have ben involved in the shooting sports and hunted extensively everything from Whitetail to black bear since my teens...but am rather new to concealed carry. I look forward to learning and contributing when I can.

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Welcome to the boards!
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Well, well - that's great! It is nice to see we are graced by another lady - we need more here to balance out us old bear reprobates (well - just talkin' about me!). Welcome :smile:
Welcome, you may start a new trend of getting more ladies involved here to settle what they do and do not like about guns holsters etc.
Welcome aboard!
It's always nice to see more women getting involved in the shooting sports & CCW.
WELCOME, I absolutely love to see the ladies join in on the discussions that we have here. I train almost exclusively,wives of active duty servicemen, and I need all the help(advice) that I can get. Again,welcome to the forum.-------
Hi Charlotta ~ WELCOME!

Thanks for taking the time to register.
Please join right in and you're welcome to post freely & often.
If you have any helpful information or suggestions or questions concerning what methods & products/firearms work & what does not work for females who carry concealed...that would sure be interesting.
Feel free to open a thread or two or three on any topic though.
We're happy to have you as the newest member of our great team! :unitedsta
Thanks to everyone for their warm welcome!

Toss my two coppers in .....welcome to a great CCW forum. Like the others, I appreciate seeing more ladies getting involved with firearms...whether hunting, plinking, or carrying. You've found a good site for learning and contributing. :redface:
Well, this is a little late, but better than not at all.
Welcome to the forums! :smile:
Ballroom dancing and black bear hunting, wow!
Oregon or Washington?
Hi Carlotta!
Glad to se you found us!! Hope you enjoy posting and reading from the Forum members.. Happy to see another attractive Gal has joined us.. :biggrin:
Welcome, Charlotta, we're glad you joined us. I, too, am glad to see more women get involved in concealed carry and shooting. :smile:
Little late on the welcome but ive been away on vaction ... Welcome pull up a chair and kick back

This one little official welcome right here is for you.
WELCOME BACK! :biggrin:

Welcome! Now...bring your friends! :smile:

Welcome neighborino......good to have ya.

Glad to have you
Welcome, ma'am.
A female perspective in this mostly male environment is a welcome addition!
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