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New fiber optic front sight for Kahr CW

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I didn't see this posted anywhere. This should excite some CW owner's:smile: SIGHTS FRONT:Kahr Category
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Interesting... I may have to consider one of those...

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So is that like night sights, or is it just fiber optic, as in it will be easier to pick up than a black sight.
A fiber optic. They are quite a bit easier to pick up for me. I put Dawson F.O.'s on a couple of my 1911's and shoot plates with them. I like them a lot!

They are friction fit on 1911's with a dovetail and I had to fit mine. They give you plenty of material to work with and, with judicious filing/sanding, a very tight, friction fit can be attained. I also used blue "Loctite". I have several thousand rounds through a couple of 1911's with these sights and they haven't moved.

But, the CW sights will not be friction fit due to the style of front sight. I don't know what method they use but I would guess that the "pins" on the sight would need to be staked in a similar manner to a plunger tube assembly on a 1911. No dovetail in the slide on the CW series front sight.
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