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To help us manage I am very pleased to announce the appointment of P95Carry as moderator in the "Concealed Carry Guns" and "Defensive Rifles and Shotguns" forums. I think you will all agree that Chris' ample gun collection (and great photos of them) along with his thought provoking threads and posts will make him a great addition to the forum staff.
We're damned proud to have him. :smile:
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Thank you Randy - I will attempt to help out best I can.

I must tho smilie my way to feelings of embarrassment at my appointment as well of course as some pleasure also!


Not forgetting :banana: :biggrin:
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Congratulations, Chris! :king:

So, with your dual moderator hats (here and THR), how are you going to find time to exercise your arsenal? :dunno:
TA - the ''collection'' has actually been crying out for excercize for a while. Occasional steel shoots, PPC and IDPA are about all I have managed of late. Even reloading is way behind schedule.

However - also fly model planes and bike a lot so - it's a case of dividing up time best I can. It's not possible of course even when on puter as much as I am, to be able to scan and watch all stuff totally - so it's a case of doing best at the time.
Welcome Chris..... Use the POWER wisely!! :starwars:
I am but a junior called Luke, oh Obiwan :biggrin:
Congratulations Chris, welcome to the "Inner Sanctum!!"
Oh No

Oh No...Not P95Carry!?!?!? :confused:
How did he get picked?
He's much, much too my opinion.
AND...not very good looking.
What rstickle said, best to you Chris.

Great Choice!!!



Seriously Chris
My Best Congratulations! You have certainly earned your niche at the top of our forum. Your threads and comments are always thought provoking and interesting.
You are one heck of a naturally nice guy.
I've seen you selflessly help other forum members & research topics for folks & find links and sources for both brand new and seasoned members.
You really are an "above and beyond" sort of person.
Additionally...when I spent time reading (and educating myself) over on the Rohrbaugh Forum I could not help but notice that you were exactly as great and as highly appreciated over there.
You honestly are to be Commended and Congratulated.
We are all fortunate to have you here and actively participating.
MY KUDOS to ya!

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Awe shucks QK .........


Thx to to the others as well - please, please don't do anything where I have to get out my (newly issued and shiny) great bick stick. Bumper says I am not to get blood on it! LOL :biggrin:
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P95Carry said:
Thx to to the others as well - please, please don't do anything where I have to get out my (newly issued and shiny) great bick stick. Bumper says I am not to get blood on it! LOL :biggrin:
Just remember to aim for the center of large leg and arm bones. Heads bleed to much and garners sympathy for the victim and wrecking joints cause permanent disabilities. Large bones can be wired back together. :biggrin:
OK so - it's Femur and Humerous bones - but I do so like cracking craniums! :smile:

Heads down folks - :biggrin:
Exellent... :banana: :banana: :banana:

seems like a natural choice to me.... :10368:
I have to agree with QKS's post 110%. Well done QK. And for all my experience with Chris, he well deserves the recognition.
Ut Oh :biggrin:

Dang, I guess I'd better be good then :).

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