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New from the Tampa FL area

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Hello everyone, new guy from the Tampa FL area. My wife and I have applied for our CCW permits but don't have them yet, so I'm undecided on what exactly I'll be buying to carry on a daily basis. However for home defense we have a 12 gauge shotgun and a 357 revolver (Colt Lawman). I'm coming in on the extreme tail end of this, due to only being recently bitten by the gun bug and not listening to my father in-law when he told me 3 years ago to get involved. I work with several enthusiasts, including a guy who builds AR15s and shoots competitively and is an NRA RSO. I went shooting with him one night after work and got a ton of great tips. I'm hitting Shooters World in Tampa this afternoon to pay their $25 "open the case" rental, they have 2 guns I want to try out: Springfield XD .40 Compact (hopefully it's the one with the 3" barrel) and the Glock 27 .40. This way I only have to pay for 1 box of ammo :smile:
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Enjoy the forum.................... :wave:
Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.
Welcome from Wisconsin! Good luck in your selection of handguns. You can't go wrong with either of the two & there are plenty of other fine firearms out there, notably the S&W M&P compacts, Rugers & on & on.
Welcome from Tennessee.......the "Patron State of Shootin' Stuff!"
Hi from next door in Polk!

I did not know Shooters World had the $25 open the case rentals - I may go check that out just for the fun of shooting different stuff!!! I've been over there twice, the first time to see if their woman's section was all that great - (better than the none most stores have but I was still disappointed) and the 2nd time with my husband just for the fun of it. Didn't use their range either time (we would've when there with my husband but they were PACKED!!)
Welcome from Delaware! YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH THE SA XD40 SC!
Thanks everyone, I'm excited and anxious at the same time. Excited about getting the permit and being a fellow sheepdog, anxious for wondering if I can find ammo! Lish here's the info: Semi-Automatic. I'll report back later today on how it went.
Welcome from Southwest Florida.
Welcome from S. FL.
Welcome from Wisconsin>
Welcome Aboard and Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
Welcome to the forum! :wave:
A hearty welcome from WA. Good Luck & Play Safe!

from Central Florida!

At least NOW you are into it...Stay armed, stay alert, stay safe!

ret :31:
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I am from Kansas.
Welcome from Virginia.
Welcome to the forum from SW Ohio. :wave:
Welcome to a great place with wonderful people ......:) tons of knowledge and information .

I use to live in Sarasota . Now in the Desert Southwest .
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