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New guy from Nevada

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Mornin everyone :wave:
My name is Matt and I am lookin to get my CCW soon! I am a hunter, fisherman, ATV rider, and all around outdoorsman (except when its cold or the weather sucks then im a video game nerd, lol)
Looks like there is a wealth of knowledge here and I look forward to learning and sharing with all of ya!
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Welcome aboard from Virginia.
Welcome from Victoria, B.C. :wave:
Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
Welcome from southern Louisiana!

Welcome from NC !
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome from KS!!

Welcome from Michigan!
Welcom to DC

from Central Florida!

ret :31:
Welcome from Middle Tennessee!
Welcome from Central Texas!!!!!
:022: from Ga. Welcome to DC.
Welcome from Texas! :wave:
Hey Matt, welcome from Jersey.
Enjoy the forum.
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