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New Guy from West Central Oregon

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Very happy to find another quality group of people to talk up guns n' things! Had put up my guns many years ago after 5 yrs leo, and last yr the itch hit hard and I have discovered semi autos (kinda dates me, huh?).

Currently carry a Steyr m9 (love it!), and will next buy a Sig P226R DAK. Have several wheel guns; S&W 27, 66, 60; Ruger S. New Blkhawk 44 mag; Use the 60 as a ccw, too.

Looking forward to listening and hopefully able to help out every once in a while.:wave:
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WELCOME cellman

Thank You for Joining Us. :usflag:
Real Friendly forum.
Chime right in anywhere.
We encourage your participation. :biggrin2:
Hi cellman - welcome to CC :smilez:

Jump in at your will :yup:
Welcome to the forum, and thanks for registering.
Hey mang! Welcome! Where in central oregon? Im in bend. I bet we could get together sometime with the other Oregon guys for a powder burn off...
Welcome from NC. :wave:
Welcome. Jump on in.. the water's fine
Welcome from North Texas! :wave:
Welcome from Va!
Welcome from Idaho
Welcome - :smilez:
Welcome Cellman.....I'm a fellow Steyr fan! I've been known to carry an M9, but I mostly carry my S40.
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