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New guy in TN

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Hey all I am yet another member to this growing board, I just got my carry permit recently at the age of 24 and my daily rig is a G29 with double tap ammo but I have also been looking at both the para wart hawg and para slim hawg as another option/backup gun when I become an LEO (should be happening very soon) just have not been able to find either gun at a store I need to hold it before I buy it. Well I guess thats it:danceban::danceban::danceban::danceban:
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Hey Dane, welcome from CO! I'm right there with you on the LEo thing...going to start applying soon.
Welcome from Las Vegas, Nevada!
Welcome from Washington, Dane.
Dane...welcome from SW Tennessee...go VOLS!!!
welcome from michigan
Welcome from Kentucky.
Welcome from Alabama.
Cool thanks for the welcome guys I was hired by a agency and let got the very next day due to the inclimate economy (doh). Ah well that puts my foot right in the right door when they decide to hire again!
Greetings from Tipton County Tennessee
Welcome from SE Texas! :wave:
Welcome from Michigan!
Welcome from Virginia.

from Central Florida!

ret :31:
Greetings from pro gun Bradley County!
Welcome from Florida
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