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New Guy

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Welcome from North Texas! That your hobby or livelyhood? Lived in Ok for six years too - nice state - lot of members here. Jump right in!.
Welcome aboard Sky! Take your coat off and stay awhile! :wave:
Welcome Skyy - :smilez:

Two weeks ago was down there - ''doing'' the Tulsa gun show.
Hi there Skyydiver. I'm in Arkansas not too far from OK.

Pull up a chair and grab a Cookie on the table.

Ok,,, where did the Cookies go?
Hi there.
Welcome from Virginia. :wave:
welcome to this forum skydiver!
Welcome. Sorry Arkie. It was my turn and I forgot the cookies.
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from Idaho
Welcome :wave:
I to take the leap of faith when ever I can.
skyydiver - Back At'cha..!
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome. If skydiving is what you do i always wondered why people jump out of a prfictly good airplane LOL enjoy the site:wave:

Welcome from Ohio!
Welcome - :smilez:
Welcome from MA.
Welcome, hope your enjoying Vegas!!
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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