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New Here

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Hi all I'm new to this forum but not new to posting and reading different forums. I have my HCP here in TN and also have a CCW for FL. I shoot in IDPA and USPSA. I live here in middle TN 60 miles west of Nashville. I am retired and am a part time AMSOIL Dealer.

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Welcome from Washington State, tnroadrunner.
Hi Road runner - :smilez: (or mee - meep! :wink:)

Welcome to CC.
Welcome from Florida.

Welcome to the forum - :smilez:
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from Alabama.
Welcome from Arizona, I'm a newbie here too, nice looking place though, glad to be here.
Welcome to the forum!
Another Florida Welcome. You'll like it here.
Hello from North Texas. Welcome to the forum.
Yet another welcome from Florida, the Gunshine state :)

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