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Well, today, after CP40/Mrs. Armoredman succesfully requalified with her CZ 2075 RAMI for her CCW permit renewal, we trooped home, to find a package from Orca Holsters sitting in the mailbox. Inside I found not one, but two nice looking nylon holsters. Both were marked on the back, one "CZ75 Orca", and the other, (curiously, as my gun is a PO1) "CZ P101 Orca". I think maybe it was originally intended for the CZ100, a differant DAO polymer pistol from CZ that doesn't enjoy much popularity, or its never-seen-in-the-US counterpart, the CZ101, a DA/SA version.
Both are nylon IWB rigs, a stiffened holster mouth type, with a sewn on high back/sweat shield,(something I am very fond of), and an interesting arrangement for attatchment to the belt. It's a large snap loop setup with two snaps set horizontally, which allows attachment almost anywhere on the belt, and enough grip to prevent rocking. Both are marked with "FBI 15 degree cant", which was true.
I tried them both on my PO1, and my heart sank. Just as I had figured, no one makes a rig for the accesory rail on the P01, my favorite carry pistol. Figures, I always root for the, I didn't root for the Eagles....
Well, I figured the gentlemen at Orca were nice enough to send me these two rigs, i can at least give them some sort of try. The PO1 would not go as far in as I would like, leaving about 1/2 inch between the muzzle and the end of the rig. It wouldn't fit the CZ75 holster at all. Neither did my wife's CZ2075 RAMI fit either one. Yeah, we BOTH like oddballs - she has too, since she married me....
Hmm, I could get the triggerguard on the PO1 covered, why not try it? So, I placed the rig on the belt - oops, my extra wide leather pistol belt, (yes, it is, from Cabelas, a Civil War re-enactors belt that fits my belt loops.), was ALMOST too wide for the loop. Almost, I say, because it snapped on securely. The snaps are new and tight, and show no sign of giving way, centered on the belt.
What's this? I am wearing a medium frame auto with a huge M3 rail on the snout, inside the waistband,'s comfortable....really comfortable. the rig moves very slightly, only enough for comfort. the high ride of the PO1 MIGHT be deliberate, because where it sits is right where my hand needs it. the sweat shield, which may be lower than it is supposed to be, nevertheless keeps the gun away from my nasty sweaty skin. I wear a t-shirt inside, so I don't know how well it feels on bare hide, and am NOT likely to try it out.....
I have been wearing this rig for about two hours now, and it feels just fine. It sits just an inch forward of where I would really like it, but that's the probleme with my pant loops, not the rig.
I will keep it and keep trying it out, and will continue to post an ongoing review, plus I will keep the CZ75 rig to ask my buddy with a PreB CZ75 to try, and maybe when I get a CZ75B for ourselves....BTW. I did take some pictires with the cheap disposable camera, and will post them when I get it developed. The loving wife roused herself to snap a few of me wearing my CZ shirt, of course!
Bottom line? It wasn't quite what I wanted, nor quite what I had hoped, but oddly enough may be what I need. Time will tell....
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