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New holster IWB

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I must say - I've been carrying via a fobus holster for a while now and I miss carrying in SOB so I decided to get a new holster. I bought a Uncle Mikes IWB left handed so I can wear it in SOB and draw with my right hand. It's REAL deep concealment and when I wear it, my roomates said they couldn't detect a pistol even when they knew I had it. I like it.....

Anyone else carry in this fashion? A friend of mine said he was concerned with me drawing along my body, but I don't think it will be a problem.

I really want one of those new fobus IWB. They currently only have it for the full sized glocks, but as soon as they make one for me, it's mine! :image035:

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I tried IWB , SOB. I found I accidently bumped the mag. release while sitting from time to time. Also was uncomfortable for me. I feel the draw you describe would slow me down,and also may cause ya to unitentionally sweep yourself . The new fobus is intriguing. Would like to put hands on to see it. Looks a bit bulky in the pict. , but hard to tell.

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I was given a very classy Horseshoe Leather SOB rig - suits a 1911. I have tried it and up to a point it is quite effective - the angle is ideal. It's OWB BTW. But! --

Seems a real bummer regards sitting, driving etc and yeah - not over comfortable plus the injury concern. But of course - whatever works!!

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I like it! I carry my Kimber in a Max-Con V IWB and more less carry it SOB. It is the best way for me and when sitting I do not feel it, I don't have an ounce of trouble with it carrying it that way at all. It conceales much better, stay's close and tight but comfortable into the body. I have no trouble at all drawing the gun or reholstering, I would also have to say that the holster itself, the cant it is, the quality of material's and how it is made help's with wearing it in this way.

I dig it! :wave:

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