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New Kahr PM9 Owner taking Holster Suggestions

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Got me a new gun!!!!! Kahr PM9 Now comes the journey through holster world. Suggestions very welcome. The gun store had some for the full size Kahr....but I didnt pay all that money for a small gun just to have an extra inch of holster hanging on my waist: haha:

Thanks for the help!!!!!!
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Iwb OWB ??? Try Lots say they like his holsters..

Dont have anything that small so i can't be more helpful. But i know there are a few Kahr owners on Board here
Not sure Bud, maybe 1 of each. If I lose a few holiday pounds an IWB, then I would also like a belt or paddle to wear at home.
i like Iwb myself but i got a few holidays pounds myself and OWB just dont work with the pounds... Like i said Give Kdholsters a look Im looking to order a couple of them soon
CompTac makes GREAT products.

I carry a Glock 19 every day in a C-TAC. When the time comes to replace this holster, I'll get the same thing!
Kevins makes good stuff for sure....check his stuff out and give him a call. Kahrs are very very popular......most makers will be able to help you out. Be patient........
Shoot well.
Gary B. makes the MaxConV (IWB) for the PM9...I've got one for the K9 and it works very well.
holsters for PM

I have a galco IWB that is great. My most used. I also bought a pocket holster but I consider that a waste. The PM9 is too heavy in my pocket.

I have two Don Hume, one a paddle holster used occasionaly and a belt SOB rarely used.

I am going to try and make a SOB IWB with tuckable belt clips and steel reinforced mouth. I wonder??
I use a Fist Kydex #3 with a J hook, IWB. I like it because its super thin which aids in concealment, it wasn't nearly as expensive as a custom leather piece. You can reholster with one hand and you can slip it on or off without taking off the belt or pants. With a PM9, it'll hardly be noticeable and with the shortened grip of the PM9 it'll disappear under anything. I'd like to get a Max Con V leather someday but it's quite a bit more.

For pocket carry (if you feel it really can be a pocket carry piece for you) I was going to recommend a leather pocket holster by RJ Hedly but his site is closed

Not sure if he's going to open back up. It would be a shame if he didn't because he did excellent work and was typically cheaper than others I got pricing from. He made a pocket holster for my keltec .380 and it was simply beautiful and $20 cheaper than the best price I could find at that time.

Take Care
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High Noon

I carry my PM9 in a High Noon Slide Guard (OWB) or a Pocket Grabber...both are great holsters. check it out at:

I had a Desantis Nemesis...el cheapo holster!
I really like Eric's holsters and I'm planning on doing some business with him in the near future as soon as my wife gives me back the dang check book,lol. Seriously HBE does some good work also FIST,KD,Asselli,Null make excellant stuff too. Currently I am using a FIST#8 for OWB and Asseli ankle holster and going for a new IWB tuckable next month..
But like everything it will depend on what is comfortable for you.
FYI....I ended up ordering 2 holsters from K&D. An IWB and an OWB. Hope I like them!!!!! Thanks for all the advice.
My vote for Galco Ultra Deep Cover Inside The Pant Holster(it says it fits P9, I'd bet money the PM9 will fit) &
Cop band ankle holster.
Here's my Kahr MK9 in a OWB Mitch Rosen 5JR. Pulls really tight to the body and disappears. Haven't got used to wearing IWB yet. Might look into K&D for one of his Laredo Defenders.
I really like the Ultra Concealment Rig from Threat Solutions. For a small pistol, this is an outstanding holster. I carry a Kahr MK9 in it.
- Fast draw.
- Holds the pistol firmly.
- Easy to get on and off.
- It holds the pistol close to the body.
- Very comfortable & concealable.
- Well made.
- Very thin so I didn't need to wear a larger pants size.
- One holster fits all sizes of Kahr's K, P, MK series pistols.
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