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Need some advice. Have started pursuing CC to protect self/family during these 'messed-up' times, but cannot find a single site to sew all my questions concerns together, until now (?). Y'all be considerate w/me, please.

I'm searching for medium/carry frame, .380 cal, light weight, and low recoil. Does such a critter exist and, if so, who makes it and the model number, please? I'm confident the Sig 232 would meet these needs, but I don't think Sig makes 'em anymore.

If not Sig, then who?


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The 232 is very close in size and shape to the Walther ppk and the CZ83. Also about the same size is the Bersa thunder. If you want light recoil the easiest way to get it is a slightly heavier gun. You might also look at a Beretta Cheeta [83, 84, 85, and 86] there are only slight differences in these models. These are slightly heavier, and have a 4" barrel. Good Luck DR
I have had two .380 super small semi autos . I have (Still) Ruger LCP (It goes BANG every time i pull the trigger , no matter what ammo I use. The downside it can be a nasty little beast to shoot with. I take it to range maybe once every three m onths and run a magazine or two through it, just to verify it still shoots. I did have a Glock G42 (Raffle win) but it was an early run and had some major issues with failure to feed. And even after having upgraded by Glock in Smyrna, GA It still needed a break in period. So I sold it. My LCP is a pocket carry. Weak Side front pocket( Pocket Holster of course) and is the BUG to my Glock G17. I myself like carrying a full size firearm ( I carry AIWB in a holster made specifically for Appendix Carry). I personally feel that 9mm is a much superior caliber to .380ACP ( for defensive purposes). And has a less felt recoil (To Me). I do shoot my wife's Glock G26 and have tried out a friends G43 (SS 9mm) and even there I would prefer the G26. I would rent a few and if you feel the Sig 232 is suited get one !

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from Central Florida!

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I am from Kansas.
Welcome from Wisconsin!
Welcome from the Florida Spacecoast
Hello DD ... Welcome from SW Ohio ... Glad to have you aboard!
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Hello! Welcome from South East Kansas! :smile:
Howdy! Welcome to the forum
Welcome Dandy Don!
Welcome. You'll get better answers in the "Defensive Carry Guns" section.
Like the TAC Avatar KSGunner. Spent three years w/ 33 TAC at Eglin in Ft Walton Beach, FL and two with 347th (?) at Moody in Valdosta, GA. Tough road to hoe when you're wearing chem gear and it's 95 degrees and 95 percent humidity.
Like the badge Stickle. Had to explain Ammo to the non-military community one time. Kept it simple ~ The sudden going away of 'stuff' that was there a second ago.
Thank's all for the member Welcome's. I've never seen anything like it before, and thanks for the feedback KennyDale and DangerRanger; just the kind of info I've been searching for.
Welcome from Georgia.

Good thing Dandy Don Meredith is dead or he might have a problem with your nickname!!:wink:
Ya know Hodad. I appreciate what you say about Meredith, but . . . problems aside, 'Everyone dies, but not everyone lives.' I am one of the later; there are no problems.
Ya know Hodad. I appreciate what you say about Meredith, but . . . problems aside, 'Everyone dies, but not everyone lives.' I am one of the later; there are no problems.
No problems unless Meredith decides to start haunting you!! Or even worse he could send his buddy Howard Cosell!!:smilegrin:
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