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New Member From Boulder City, NV

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Hey I am a new member from Boulder City, NV. I'm currently in school for Insurance. I have always had and interest in guns and within the past year or two have taken it to the next level. Just got my first Handgun Taurus Millennium G2(Please no comments on the gun I love it and that's it works great too) and I have in my family a older (1930s I thinks) 3030 Winchester mod 94, a (1940s) Winchester Mod 62a 22s,l,lr, and a 22lr Glenfield Mod 70. I am looking into shotguns at the moment seeing how that is what is missing from my selecting for fun shooting guns. Reason for joining is while in my research on guns all the search engines have this sight in the top answers so thought I should join and just ask this sight for help instead of google. Thanks for letting me join your community.
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Howdy from Ohio...good to have you in the house!
Let me be the first to say welcome from Northern Michigan! I'll be in Vegas in 2 weeks for a little fun in the sun and in the dark!
Welcome to the forum from SW Ohio.:wave:
Welcome from Southwest Florida.
Welcome from Delaware!
Welcome Aboard and Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
Welcome from Wisconsin!
Welcome from Wisconsin .
Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.
Welcome to the Forum.

Shoot at Boulder range all the time!
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome from South Carolina...

from Central Florida!

ret :31:
Welcome from Virginia.
Welcome from SE Wisconsin!!
Welcome from Michigan!
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