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New Member From Georgia

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Hi Ladies and Gents,

From Georgia here, Central Ga. Twenty eight years old, 8 years Law Enforcement, 4 years Marine Corps Reserve,........ first forum join. Just getting on my feet good with my firearm collection, looking forward to learning alot from you guys. Maybe I can enlighten some people on some of my knowledge as well. Nothing more than a Liberty loving, Freedom fighting, God and Mamma fearing raised Baptist man.
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welcome from michigan
welcome from Washington, I'm sure you will be able to add a lot!
Thanks Pinot, nice to meet you.
Welcome from Virginia.
Welcome from the "big city" of ATL and thanks for your service!
Welcome from Wisconsin! Thanks for your service & Semper Fi.

from Central Florida!

ret :31:
Welcome to the forum! :wave:
Welcome from Tennessee.......the "Patron State of Shootin' Stuff!"
Welcome Aboard and Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome from Mesa, Arizona via Afghanistan
1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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