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New member from Michigan

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Hello all, I'v been reading lots of topics here at Combat Carry and wanted to join in. Very nice web site..
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Welcome to the forum from Arkansas.
Hi there and welcome.
WELCOME Carry Guru

CombatCarry is Free, Fun, Educational, & Friendly.

Welcome & please join right in anywhere on the forum.

Your comments & opinions are as welcome as any other.:yup:

Do not be afeared to post your comments in any thread.

Nobody gets flamed here. :biggrin2:
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Hi CG and welcome - :smilez:

Dive right in - water's just right!
Welcome from Sunny Florida the Gunshine State. One of the few places where the bad buys are kept guessing.
welcome from parts unknown
Welcome from Washington state. It's a good place here.
Welcome to the forum, and thanks for registering. Please join right in.
Welcome to the forum from Alabama.
Carry Guru - Thanks for "Joining in; enjoy..! :image035:
Hello from North Texas. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome - :smilez:
Welcome from Eastern Idaho
Welcome from Colorado! (From a former Michigander)
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