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New Member from TN

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Hi, I am a new member from Blount Co. TN. You can check out my profile. I look forward to speaking with everyone.

My carry weapons:
SIG P239 in a Bianchi leather paddleback
Bersa .380 in a fobus paddleback
more to come later...

until next time...

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Welcome to the forum John.

We all hope you enjoy your time here.
Welcome to the forum, enjoy!
Welcome. You'll enjoy things here
Welcome John...this is a good bunch to hang with.


Welcome to CombatCarry! :smile:
Welcome along John :smile:

(Bruce - SIG!!! - score one to me LOL)
Welcome, John!
Welcome, John!

This is a great place to learn from :yup:
Glad to have you join us. God Bless...
Welcome to the forums. Pull up a chair and make yourelf at home.

Chris-- 52
Bruce-- 91
I'm still winning:danceban:
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