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New Member - Sig P938 IWB Holster Advice

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Hello All:

I am new to this forum. Thank you for having me! I am seeking some counsel on an IWB holster for a Sig P938. I have to wear my shirt tucked in a lot due to the nature of my work. I am looking at OWB holsters too, but the IWB seem to be the hardest, most controversial. I am right handed if that factors into the question/answer. Any advice?

May God Bless our Veterans and Law Enforcement!
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Welcome from Wisconsin! I can't help you with your holster question. I wear IWB for my S&W M&Ps in the warm months but always have my shirt untucked. I've always wondered about how going tucked shirt would be possible.
Thanks Glenn! Hopefully I'll get some answers on IWB and let you know.
For small, light guns like a P938, I prefer holsters with a single attachment point. I personally think dual clip holsters for light guns are unnecessary, but a lot of people use hybrid IWB holsters that are tuckable. For a gun the size of the P938, I prefer these types of holsters, all of which are tuckable (there's room for the shirt to be tucked in between the clip and holster body):

My favorite is the R Grizzle Southern Sidekick (reinforced model):

Tucker Gunleather "Cover Up" (doesn't have reinforced top):

Garrett Industries "Silent Thunder" (many clip options. this is an old style):

Alabama Holster Co. "Offside"

Zorn Holsters "Skinny Rig"

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I carry pocket guns in my pocket.
Welcome, I pocket carry mine. Use a DeSantis pocket holster.
Hello! Welcome from South East Kansas! :smile:
Welcome. I use a Sticky holster in the pocket, but just got an Alabama Holster pocket holster. Pocket holsters can be a faster draw than a tuckable, because you can have your hand on the pistol and it just looks like you have your hand in your pocket. That said, not all pants have pockets that work well for this purpose. Even the same model pants from the same manufacturer can be different sizes and some will work but some will not. I have multiple pairs of the same pants from 5.11 and while they all fit the same, the pocket sizes are different.
I carry my P938 in a Foxx Little Foxx Hybrid (Pictured in my avatar) at about my 2:00 o'clock, but I almost always wear my shirts untucked at work (polo during warm months, otherwise a button-down). I've worn the gun tucked a few times, but then I shifted the gun to my 3:00 o'clock; the little bit of blousing around the gun looks more natural there, plus it makes the clip is less obvious.

Pocket carry might work for you; not so much for me the way I fill out a pair of khakis :(

Oh, and welcome! :)
I don't carry anything larger than an LCP or P238 in my pocket. IWB works a lot better for me for any guns larger than those, but I never tuck in my shirt (even though my holsters are tuckable).
Welcome to the forum!
Veder holsters makes a really nice IWB tuckable. I have one for my G42 and wear it "both ways".

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Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to Defensive Carry :wave: The best forum for sharing ideas and experience.

Help us keep this forum great by remembering the Golden Rule: Please treat others as you want to be treated.

I am from Kansas.
Remora wasn't bad, but hard to reholster. Black Arch that I bought next is wonderful. Easy to reholster, and even more comfortable (I got it with the suede leather option).

from Central Florida!

RET :31:
Thank you all for the kindness in welcoming me as well as your input. I got a of value from the respones. I hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Labir Day!
Howdy from the great state of Texas. Thanks for joining us!
I carry in my pocket with a DeSantis holster.
Welcome and glad you received some good responses.
Do NOT get the aliengear iwb for the P938. The material is cut in such a shape that it can move the safety into the on position.

I had to punch extra holes in mine to move the pistol over. With their new steel liners I doubt that would be as easy. To be fair, their CS was on the ball. Sent me both a new backer and a new shell, but neither fixed the issue. Any other model of pistol would probably be fine. I actually bought another of their holsters for a different gun and it has served me well. Just get any tuckable hybrid holster and that gun will disappear. You'll be checking to make sure you didn't lose it.
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