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Hi all. Just wanted to say hi and glad to be a part of your forum. I live in East Texas. Retired Commerical Pilot. Enjoy shooting and travel. Have Tx, NH, FL, CHL. I also Volunteer at the Tyler PD. Latest interest is joining the Minuetman Boarder Patrol on the Texas Mexican Boarder. My carry gun is a Wilson Combat CQB 45 ACP. I also belong to which is a very good CHL site.
Regards, Richard
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Hi Richard
Plenty of room here for ya.
Welcome to the greatest little Carry site in the Good Ol' U.S. of A.
Feel free to jump right in and comment anywhere or open up any interesting new thread.
Also Glad to have one more great American to keep a watchful eye on our borders.
Richard - hearty welcome to a flier, and a man with carry taste, obviously! You'll notice that the ''.45 brigade'' is alive and well here! LOL.

I am one of the exceptions but heck - I can take a ribbing now and again! :smile:
Welcome, Richard, glad to have you join us here at the forum. Lots of 1911 people here (me too), lots of Texas boys (I am, but living in AZ now) and several LEO (I used to be reserve officer in Denver). :wink:
Thanks to all for the welcome. I might also ad that I am a NRA member as well as TSRA member.
Regards Richard
Welcome from another Texan....just a bit north of ya! Great forum here, think you'll want to hang your hat for a while. :smile:
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