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New Oregonian checks in

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Hello all! This may be my new favorite gun board.

Originally from South FL, I moved to CA some years ago. Recently though I escaped/moved from California to Oregon -- and I love it here. I had out of state CCWs while a Kali resident but it is an entirely different feeling to be able to pack all day every day in one's own home state. As many have told me, pretty soon you never consider going outside without packing.

I've found the threads and responses very informative here -- little of the Keyboard Commando Syndrome :rolleyes: -- and I look forward to sticking around for a long time.
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Welcome stryder, from North Texas! Glad ya joined us keyboard commandos! LOL!:wave:
Welcome from Alabama, Stryder.
Welcome Stryder, from an Arkansan!!!
stryder said:
Recently though I escaped/moved from California...

Welcome to the forum :haha:
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Welcome from Washington.
Welcome. I myself am also a california-Oregon transfer. I moved up here when i was only 16 so i diddnt have much of a choice but i think that moving out of L.A. Probubly saved my life...
Hi Stryder - welcome :smilez:

Glad you like the place - many good folks come here.
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome - :smilez:
Welcome from Idaho, also a Calif. escapee.
Welcome from Kalifornia, I'm planning to escape to Idaho as soon as m daughter finishes high school.
Welcome from Oklahoma, Glad to have you with us!!
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to a great board indeed enjoy.:wave:

:wave: Welcome
Welcome from Virginia. :wave:
Greetings from the deep inside the "Bible Belt"...

Eric Howland
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