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New Para .45 GAP

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I just saw an article for a new Para-Ordnance .45 3" barrel built for the GAP bullet. They say this should do away with the FTF & FTE problems with short barreled .45's. What do you think?
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Possibility Hank - but I would want to do a pretty exhaustive test before committing an opinion. It should help!

Best thing is, someone send me a test gun and at least a case of ammo - then I will thru my extreme magnanimity find time to go check it out :smile:

I won't charge even a dime :lol:
Gee, sorry, I've already requested the test gun and ammo. I'll let you know how it goes!! :)
hum maybe but i dont really see how your still running the design way shorter than it was ever designed for
I don't see how it will help, unless the GAP uses higher pressure to propel the bullet, therefore the slide. Only advantage of the GAP I understand is the shorter grip. I don't find the .45 aCP grips to be too big, but I suppose some folks might.
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