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I got my new Kel-Tec PF9 with Crimson Trace today. :image035: My initial impression is quite favorable. The gun seems to be better made and finished than I was expecting considering so many seem to scoff at them. It's no Khar or Sig in many respects, but then again, neither was the price. I got the gun new in the box with Crimson Trace and mag extension shipped to my FFL for about $450. That's less than most guns alone! It will serve its role for me if it shoots well and is reliable. As a primary concealed carry gun it is a nice choice. I Obviously it is a bigger gun than my P3AT with Arma Laser.

I have the mag extensions on both guns. I have large palm but smaller fingers. As such, the mag extension gives me a much better feel in hand. I can say without the extension the PF9 feels like it might be a tad tricky to shoot considering the light weight and higher caliber depending on ammo.

I took a photo of the P3AT on top of the PF9 showing the approximate size difference between the two guns. Per the specs everyone has seen a thousand times, the PF9 is slightly heavier but not so much as to change how I intend to carry. You can see the lenght difference and height difference. Width is .10" thicker on the PF9.

I have been carrying my P3AT front pocket. I intend to do the same with the PF9 for the time being due to my southern location and typical clothing.

The P3AT is in a specially made DeSantis pocket holster that came free of charge with my Arma Laser. The PF9 is pictured in a size 4 Blackhawk holster that found at Bass Pro Shops. I really like it. The texture makes it hold in the pocket very well. In addition, it has some sort of "anti-slip" like band that runs around it. You can see it in the picture. I also think it hides the print of the gun a little better than the DeSantis on the P3AT.

I am hoping to get to the range in the next couple of days to put the PF9 through a box or two. I'll report back then. If you have specific questions about anything please feel free to post.


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