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"New" Revolver...

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Hello. Picked up a very clean S&W Model 625-6 at the Dallas Market Hall gun show yesterday. I have not gotten the opportunity to shoot it yet but will when I can. Action is smooth and single-action very light and clean-breaking. I don't care for the MIM parts, but these have been hard to find, at least in my neck of the woods. Stuck a set of Eagle Secret Service grips on it and find it quite comfortable.

This thing will probably get a main diet of 250-gr. CSWC's loaded to 850-900 ft/sec. I will also see how Corbon's .45 AR DPX load shakes out through it as well.

I've had good luck with a considerably older 5" Model 625 in ACP/AR and hope that this one does as well.

We'll see...

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Does it have a three inch barrel on it? I really like three inch barrels for carry guns in revolvers. I have several 3 inch guns in J Frames, a Model 65, and a CS-1 with 3 inch tubes on them. In the "Olden' Days" when we carried revolvers on duty, it was generally a 4 inch gun. I carried a Model 29 with Remington 240grn Lead, Police Loads in the gun and 240grn jacked soft points in speed loaders. For off duty and plain clothes we carried 2 1/2 inch 19s. I started in LE in the days when Super Vels were king.

I have a 4 inch 25 and a 5 inch 625, great guns. Is your 625 a pre lock gun? I really hate the locks.

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