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New Ritchie Ankle Holster

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In late October I stumbled on a post regarding Alessi Holsters. Some were lamenting the long wait times to fulfill orders. Count me among them, I've been waiting since June 4th for an IWB holster. The following post by ICEMAN550 caught my eye:

Originally Posted by ICEMAN550
I am from the area and don't buy Alessi since Lou died. His kids took over the business, but his former partner formed Ritchie Leather. Skip Ritchie makes the same holsters, answers the phone and gives accurate lead times (usually 2-4 weeks). He is also about $10-15 less per holster. Very good customer service with the same or better quality.

So I went ahead and contacted Ritchie Leather. Very good customer service like Iceman indicated. They gave me a window of three weeks for the ankle holster I wanted. Plus they would not charge my credit card until they started to build my holster (Alessi has had my $ since June).

I'm very pleased with my purchase. The leather is perfectly molded for my Ruger LCR, including the slight bump out for the Crimson Trace Laser. Also check out the padding. Super comfortable.

At first I was surprised that there was no retention strap. But after wearing it for a couple of weeks and seeing as the revolver fits so well it's now apparent that it's not needed. This is a real, professional looking and functioning piece of equipment.

I'd highly recommend Ritchie, and will use them again
Thanks ICEMAN!

Here is a link for their catalog, enjoy!
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I am glad it worked out for you. Bob and Skip are great. Always great customer service and quality. They just don't advertise as much because it's a very small shop. Their main advertising is reputation. They have a loyal following locally and get a lot of the law enforcement market. I carry a glock 26 in the Ritchie Ankle holster. I can wear it all day and do not even notice it. In the past I had the galco ankle glove that wasn't bad, but after a couple years it was ripped. One of my favorite Ritchie Holsters is the CQ-QR(see below with S&W Shield 45). The Ritchie holds up much longer and if you do , by some chance have a problem with it, they will fix it. Definitely good people.

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