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New ruger

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got me a Vaquero .44 mag. with 7 1/2 " barrel. Got out shooting it and my girlfriend's .40 XD springfield. Both guns are fairly nice . The .44 sure recoils compared to the autos I usually shoot. Girlfriend even shot my .44 mag.
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Nice gun i bought one last year in 45 colt in 5.5 Recoil can be little stout with heavy loads but a fun gun ..

Lets see some pics
Congratulations On Your New Ruger

Ruger Vaquero....nice firearm.
You don't hafta shoot Magnums in it.
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I've always wanted one of those for no good reason. Nice acquisition! You can never have too many revolvers.
Vaquero is a bit of a classic - lovely gun and Ruger strong too.

I don't personally find the grip config' suits me too well otherwise I'd have bought one - but a lotta CAS folks seem to like 'em in .45 LC.

Certainly a very nice gun to own. Recoil with .44 will be fairly firm but seems often that traditional grip style allows you to let gun ''spin'' in the hand a bit as muzzle rises - so reducing a bit of perceived recoil into hand. Enjoy :smile:
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