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I believe the 442 is listed on the S&W website as $561.00 MSRP. That's only a $39. difference Not bad for those that want wood and a built in safety.

I don't see the 42 as being a huge seller, so it's probably destined to be another "collectable" like the original lemon-squeezers. Low number sold and all that...

I vote no, simply because the less unnecessary moving parts you have in a "machine", then the less parts you have to worry about breaking. In a pistol, once you make it to be safe to carry by any seriously responsible person, then it's all about reliability.
More parts = less reliability.
Less parts = more reliability.

And that's not even talking about opening up more places in the frame for dirt and crap to get into which can reduce, you guessed it; reliability.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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