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This is far from polished shooting but I had a good practice simulating some of the action from the security guard shooting caught on tape. I did a little more shooting before moving on T1 than I would've liked. I could run this a dozen different ways but it was a good starting point exploring this scenario. A lot different actually shooting compared to watching it on video. It gave me even more respect for the security guard. His targets were shooting back too.

My Target 3 was out near 20 yards and these were not gimme easy shots. The first target is moving and hiding as you're trying to stand up, move, draw, fire and avoid falling over the stool. Then engage T2 from cover, cross the open area, toward new cover, firing on the long shot T3, top off behind cover, rescan or reengage.

Used three of my XD guns. I carry the XDs45 and I compete with the two XDm 5.25"s. I may work on this some more, especially if I get some tips or fresh ideas to try. There's certainly room for improvement in how I put it all together. Anyway, if anyone finds this interesting or have comments I welcome them.

If you have links to other scenarios based on captured police or crime videos available online I would appreciate those. I try to set some kind of scenario up a couple times a month.

Security Guard Drill - IDPA style shooting stage - YouTube

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