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New and convenient Silencer Shop Single Shot Trust available exclusively through our Powered By network of dealers. A versatile alternative to the traditional NFA Gun Trust, this option simplifies the suppressor purchase process even more and takes the headache out of the ownership experience.

Removing several of the cumbersome steps involved with the typical NFA trust setup (e.g., notary, state filing, etc.), our Single Shot Trust arrangement streamlines the process in many ways. Essentially, Silencer Shop is turning the traditional trust on its head! Instead of buying a [more expensive] trust and adding silencers to it as you go, the Single Shot Trust is meant to go along with your silencer purchase and be used only for that single item.

No more gathering up all your trustees, taking a trip to the notary, scanning everyone's prints, emailing/faxing the trust back to us, and so forth… All you need to do is digitally sign the document and we will send it to the ATF on your behalf. This simple setup allows you to add trustees and responsible parties after you receive approval, to take advantage of the long-term benefits offered by registering as a trust without the hassles of initial set up.


Some of the benefits to this trust include:

•Priced at $24.95, the Single Shot Trust is less burdensome on your bank account
•Offered for $129.95, the Single Shot Unlimited Trust option is designed for devoted users.
•One-time purchase brings completion to suppressor ownership process
Elimination of time-consuming steps streamlines processing (no notary, state filing, etc.)
•Ability for responsible persons/trustees to be added down the road affords flexibility
•Automated system allows for quick purchase/submission of trust
•Trust conveniently named for each NFA item purchased (e.g., “Q El Camino SN:0187 Trust”)
◦The trust will only ever contain that one serial number
Digitally sign (i.e., DocuSign) Form 4 and be done in less than 30 seconds
•Form 4 reviewed and submitted to ATF by Silencer Shop’s expert staff
•The purchaser (you) will be the initial "Trust Maker" and sole "Trustee" at the time of signing
•Listing a beneficiary is not necessary, it will be the heir named in your will, or, if you don't have a will, the beneficiary will be the person(s) who would inherit from you under state law
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