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New Smith and Wesson Tactical 357

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Smith and Wesson has a new 8 shot 357 "Tactical" revolver.

After I buy another USP45 I'll be getting one! I'm thinking either an Eotech (if you can put one on?) and an X200B, or a C-More and X200B. Maybe some lasergrips?

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That's wicked looking. I going to have to check that out further. It would have to be a sand bag with all the gear on it, wouldn't it?

That has some cool factor working.

I have a 627 and the action slicks up very nicely. I had a C more on it at one time. I liked it better than the tube style dots.

The revo in the pics looks like the finish is already wearing. I wonder how well it will last.


Make one without the lock and MIM parts and the optics rail and I'd think it was interesting...

As it is, it could have some interesting pest control type applications, especially at night.

Oh and since that's a 327 and not a 627, pass again on the super light revolver in .357 magnum.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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