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New Stick(with pics)

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I picked up a PSA stripped lower a year or so ago with the intention of basing a SBR build on it. I never got around to it and the lower sat collecting dust in the safe. Well, I finally decide to do something with it.

I had a Magpul MOE butt stock from a previous trade and finally found a lower kit in stock at PSA, their basic kit with the A2 grip and M4 stock. The same day I ordered the lower kit, I found a BCM, Pat Rogers EAG complete upper on EE for a decent(for the times) price, NIB and dickered it down a few more $.

The optics are the cheap out on this one. Vortex Strikefire RDS on a Primary Arms high rise cantilever mount with a PA 3x magnifier.
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Nice! No idea what all those items are, looks good and I'm sure it will do what u intend it to!
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