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new to forum

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hey been checkin' th site for a few weeks. i'm a retired nypd sgt, part time truck driverand live in queens,nyc. great site,nice to keep up w/new stuff and and see what people have to say. later,rc
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Hey Bob (or Rob!?) - welcome to CC :smile:

Be good to have the benefit of some of your years of LE sometime - particularly re ''experiences'' etc.
fatbobrob1744 WELCOME!

You located the exact right spot on the web! You found us!
Glad that you registered.
Jump right in & make some friends. LOTS of Good People here.
Great to have yet another good badge on the forum. :smile:
LEOs are respected and appreciated here.
Welcome to, fatbobrob1744. Glad to have you join us! :smile:
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