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Just finished loading some .270W and figured I'd share a couople pictures of my powder dispensing setup:

Overall view:

1. Harrell's Premium Culver, very, very accurate, and with repeatable "click" settings. Each "click" is approx .10 grain depending on the powder. I've got 2 of these, would like to get a Scheutzen Culver as a 3rd for light pistol loads.
2. Old faithful 1970's vintage RCBS 10-10, cleaned it up, "tuned" it and it now shows' a single kernel of IMR4320 when added.
3. USB Camera on 2X displayed on laptop,. Not my idea, but works cooler than chit. Can see the slightest movement of the pointer without parallax errors, no bending over and NO EYE STRAIN!
4. Latest addition, the Dandy 2 Speed Powder Trickler, this thing ROCKs!! It trickles fast, it trickles slow, it will drop a single kernel on command. Over-trickling is a thing of the past!! (as long as I don't hold the red button down too long)

Overall setup in operation, 58.0 grains of IMR4831 on the nose:

Close up of Camera, scale, and trickler. This configuration actually saves reloading bench frontage due the camera allowing any position as long as you have access to the powder pan. Made a small leveling platform for the 10-10, don't know if it helps or not, but the plywood was scrap, and screws free.

I've now regulated my digital scale to weighing bullets and brass. I was having some issues with "drift" possibly due to the quality of our electric out here in the sticks. It got to the point I was spending more time either calibrating, re-zeroing, or letting the empty pan sit to get back to zero than it was worth. Overall it's a faster setup than my old digital scale and manual powder trickler and at this point I have greater confidence in the 10-10 than my digital scale.

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