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I have been looking to get one for about 3 months now. I found one for 300$ used. Came with everything that comes with it when you buy it brand new. When i finally went to look at it they told me about the gun. The guy had them order it for him brand new. When he finally got it and was practicing with it on his draw, he did not like the feel of it. He had it for about a month and never shot a round with it. He decided to trade it in on something different. The most he did was cycle ammo thought it just to brake in the slide. I think i got a good steal on it.

The day i got it i fired 2 rounds just to see what it felt like sense i never fired a .45 acp before. I fell in love with it. There was almost no kick. The first round i put in did not set right. Got me a little worried at first. But after looking at it and trying again work fine. 2nd round cycled in with no trouble. I finally went to the range today to fully test it. I only started with 100 rounds that i took with me. They were reloads so i was not expecting it to work perfect. The 1st round went smooth then 2nd round did not cycle in. Cleared the chamber and started over. Went good for about 2 rounds then did not set right again. Cleared it again but at this time i was getting a little tweeted. Had my friend look at the ammo and try it. After checking the ammo we found they were not all fully trimmed right. So we checked all the round and fixed it. Full reloaded the clip and started again. This time only had one problem and that was a smoke stack, to be expected. On to the second clip. Ran into some trouble again. Miss feeding and smoke stacking almost every 3-4 rounds. SO we checked the ammo again and checked the gun over. Found there was a little crud on the feeding area. Figured it was from the 2 rounds i shot. They were a little old.

After finally getting 50 rounds in it, then things started to work without any problems. The next 50 only had a hand full of hiccups. But nothing major. Just smoke stacks and 2 double feed. All i have to say is with the gun being set up for left handed people too made cleaning the double feeds so easy. One thing i do need to get us to is the double action trigger. With this being my first time putting all the rounds in it i did not set the sights yet. But all i have to say is damn that thing was damn close to being on target with every shot. At the end of the 100 rounds i looked at my fiend and said i wanted to check something. The rounds we had were self loaded with just enough punch to cycle for target. So i went and for a box of rounds from the range that were not hand loaded. One thing i was thinking is there was not enough punch to fully cycle the gun right. With the slide being heaver then his guns.

With the next 50 rounds there was a full 3 miss feeds. That kinda fully set for me that is was the load we used and he said more then likely i still have to still fully brake it in. He was saying i should put about 1500 rounds in it to brake it in. So i have around 157 rounds down and 1343 to go. I will say even with all the problems i really like the gun when it cycled with no problems. I can say i liked it better then the Glock 22 i had. There was more kick on the glock then with the taurus. At least to me that is how it felt. I hate to say it i think i am becoming a big taurus fan. I am now looking at a pt-92 and a judge. But i am thinking that my next toy is going to be a pt-92 or a fnh fnx.
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