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New Trade;) Ruger American in 9mm.

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I'll test fire my new RAP 9mm..

against my XD MOD 2 Service Model.

Who knows, I might trade the MOD 2 for a .45 RAP or a LCR in 9mm:)

I wish they would hurry up and offer us a LCRx in 9mm though.

Some Talon Grips for the RAP 9mm (small backstrap) are on the way.
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Looking forward to a comparison review, congrats!
Nice looking await your review (with pictures)

You do know every time I like a posting of yours. My NY Yankee soul cries)
I'm interested to see what you think of it. There have been a few less than flattering reviews on youtube. I'm looking forward to an honest opinion of the platform.
Congrats for your Ruger, and YES, I looking forward to hear your personal review about it :)
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Range report?
I acquired a RAP9 in February of this year. Extensively used with Federal, Remington, Speer self-defense ammunition and NATO spec 124Gr-FMJ. Several thousand rounds fired with no problems. Accuracy on par with my examples of the Glock G17 and S&W MP9. Take down procedure for basic cleaning better than either the Glock or S&W. From Midway OEM magazines approxmently $40.00 with shipping. My preference is a minimum of (6) magazines per pistols that I personally own. I am not a Ruger person and never have been but the RAP9 impressed me enough to pursue and acquire a RAP45.
I've posted elsewhere about my head to head shooting of both pistols.

In shooting the RAP 9mm again, I'm finding that I don't like the rather flat
trigger as I'm getting some finger buzz like I do with Glock 40s and 10mms.

Still not as soft shooting or accuracte as my XD MOD 2 Service Model.
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My wife loves her Mod2 Service Model. For a striker fired pistol I'm more than a bit impressed with it myself.
Yes, I shot my Service Model today..some old 9mm ammo and some new AM Eagle stuff.

Pretty decent groups @ 10, 15 and 20 yards for this old guy.

My XD-S .45 and Mod 2 .45 shot OK with a few rounds each of Federal
FMJ, just not as precise as the Service Model.

The SM has the best trigger of any Springfield striker-fired gun that I've
handled to date.

I'm not so sure that the longer 5 inch TACTICAL could best this 9mm.
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